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Take your website from Concrete5 to WordPress

It may seem like a lot of hassle to change your website builder and move all of your content. But with the right help, it doesn’t have to be complicated. And in the end, it could very well be worth the effort.

Perhaps you’re finding Concrete5 a bit clumsy and outdated, but you appreciate the edit-in-place editor? In that case, the combination of WordPress and the plugin Beaver Builder could be the perfect solution for you. WordPress is one of the industry leaders, used by over 60 million people and powering at least 30% of all websites on the internet.

So, what makes WordPress so immensely popular? Well, it’s a highly flexible and powerful software with countless helpful plugins and amazing themes available, giving you complete freedom to build your website just the way you want it.

What can WordPress and Beaver Builder do?

With WordPress and Beaver Builder, we can build a fully responsive (mobile-friendly) website for you, and still have an in-place-editor just like Concrete5. Beaver Builder’s simple drag and drop editor gives us control over the page layout, making it easy to create a professional and functional website. The many themes and plugins WordPress has to offer allows us to customise it just to your liking, whether you want a simple design or a more complex one.  

Is it suitable for an e-commerce business?

WordPress and Beaver Builder are great for e-commerce. The plugin WooCommerce, built by the innovative founders of WordPress, let’s you create a complete e-commerce website with secure payments and configurable shipping options. It’s fully customisable, allowing you to add features and functions to fit your business and branding.

You have the option of creating your complete store from scratch, extending a store or just adding a product to your WordPress site. Simply download the plugin to your website, and you’re ready to go in minutes, without having to integrate an e-commerce solution from a separate platform.  

How easy is the transition from Concrete5 to WordPress?

Considering how common WordPress is, you’re likely to already have someone on your team with some experience using it, making the transition smoother. While there’s a lot to learn and explore, it’s easy to get started and develop and grow your website along the way. Accessibility and user-friendliness are two of the many perks of WordPress.

Beaver Builder is straightforward and easy-to-use for both newbies and more experienced users. Simply drag and drop to edit and see your website as you’re building it. You can also choose from a variety of styles using the pre-set setting. Beaver Builder works with all WordPress themes, and you can easily switch between themes without the risk of losing content.

Do I need to be worried about hackers?

No, that shouldn’t be a concern. WordPress is just as safe as Concrete5 with regular security updates. Our team takes care of all your WordPress updates with our maintenance care plans, to ensure your website keeps running smoothly and to help protect you against hackers.

With that being said, all websites do run the risk of being hacked, and with WordPress representing such a large number of websites, many of them aren’t regularly updated. But as long as you keep your WordPress updated, or let our team take care of that, it’s as safe as any other software.

Why WordPress?

If you’ve outgrown Concrete5 and you want a more versatile system, WordPress is a perfect choice. It’s evolved from a blogging tool to a complete and robust content management system (CMS). Due to the vast amount of features, many top brands use WordPress for their websites, including Facebook, Time Magazine, Disney and Sony.

The software is also developed with search engines in mind, so WordPress sites often rank higher in Google search results than other websites. By design, WordPress is SEO-friendly on its own, but remember that you can further optimise your site by using the right plugins. 

With all that combined – it’ll be hard to find a website software that offers more power and flexibility than WordPress.

If you’re ready to leap, our team can help you with everything from designing a new website to the migration of your existing site and content. We’ll make the transition seamless and easy for you, guiding you through the design and build process. Give us a call today to discuss converting your website to WordPress. It may just be the best decision you’ve made for your business so far.

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