WordPress vs Squarespace

Are you considering WordPress versus Squarespace? It would seem a simple argument for a WordPress developer to simply state how awesome WordPress is as a website development platform, but we’re not that kind of web design company. Our team has been building websites for some 20+ years, and that includes...

Why choose Shopify over WordPress + WooCommerce?

Why choose WordPress + WooCommerce over Shopify It would appear an obvious argument that WordPress is an excellent choice for your site. The truth is, though, it's not that simple. We're a team of website developers with over 20 years of experience built on the WordPress platform, and we've seen...
Find out how to improve your website ranking

Find out how to improve your website ranking

How Google Search works The truth is, only Google really knows exactly how their powerful search engine works. As a proactive and user-focused company, their ingenious engineers change and update things constantly to ensure they can keep providing the best possible search results and make those as relevant and useful...