How social media contributes to SEO @ Bravesight

How social media contributes to SEO When looking for ways to grow your business, there are some absolute essentials. SEO and social media are generally among the top options, but are they related? Although Google has said on YouTube that social media doesn’t affect your SEO, there is extensive research...
Find out how to improve your website ranking

Find out how to improve your website ranking

How Google Search works The truth is, only Google really knows exactly how their powerful search engine works. As a proactive and user-focused company, their ingenious engineers change and update things constantly to ensure they can keep providing the best possible search results and make those as relevant and useful...

Why do you need a Google My Business listing?

Having a Google Business Listing helps prospective customers find your business. Google Business listings supposedly do not improve your website rankings, but we have found that it does not hurt, and may even help. In this article, we explore why you need to claim (or create) your Google Business listing....