Our WordPress Team help clients based all over New Zealand. Here is a list of the areas we have clients:


How we help you with your WordPress site.

We can help you with building a new WordPress website

Our team have a simple process to guide you through creating a new website, using WordPress. We will help you pick the right plugins so you can focus on what you do best - running your business. We can help you with:

  • Designing your website.
  • Creating a site structure that optimises search traffic.
  • Adding content.
  • Finding the perfect pictures.
  • Getting customers signed up to MailChimp.

Why is WordPress the best platform to build your website on?

Absolutely! Our team can help you get started selling online or can help you with optimising WooCommerce to convert more sales online. WooCommerce is built by the same developers of WordPress, meaning it fits hand-in-glove with WP.


Can you help me with my ecommerce website?

If we can make it happen, we will. Getting things done is what we do. We take the small, mundane and fiddly tasks and get them done for you. Let us handle all the jobs you don’t want to - it’s what we do.


What is digital marketing?

Well, you probably could drop the digital part, because if you’re not marketing online, you’re missing out on a pretty large audience. When people think of digital marketing, they are often at a loss about where to start. Our expert marketers can help you get your digital marketing started with a well designed WordPress website, then help you develop a marketing plan that helps drive more traffic to it.