Get WordPress Help in Auckland.


Our WordPress team take care of clients all over Auckland. Pick a maintenance plan that suits your budget, and our team will help you with any of your WP problems, challenge or improvements.

Our team are backed by industry veterans who have run hosting and software development businesses for over two decades, so you can be confident you’re in safe hands.

Here are some of the areas our team can help you.

Installing new WordPress plugins

We can take care of the installation and configuration of your plugins. If we know a plugin will cause problems, we’ll advise you of an alternative. This helps prevent issues before they arise. Take advantage of our plugin selection experience.

Help to fix WP theme issues

If you have a problem getting something in a theme just right, our team can help get it sorted for you. We have worked on hundreds of WordPress sites so your small styling issue won’t be a challenge for us.

Get help if your WordPress website gets hacked

It happens, we know! We have saved many compromised WordPress websites from ruin. If you’re on one of our WordPress Plans, we cover you for any hackers, including restoring your website back to its former state, and helping you prevent future attacks - did you know, it’s common for sites to be attacked more than once in short period!

Find out how we can help get your WP website running smoothly, wherever you’re located in the world!