Switching from RocketSpark to WordPress

If you’re using Rocketspark and find that it’s lacking some features you want in your website, or you cannot find a design partner that works for you, it might be a good time to look at WordPress. WordPress runs over 30% of the websites of the world and is very flexible.

What can WordPress do that Rocketspark can’t?

WordPress has been around for a long time, and Rocketspark has many competing options such as Squarespace. Created as a New Zealand-based option, Rocketspark was intended to replace simpler website platforms, some of which are quite old now, and it does this well. WordPress gives you many more options for content types; something that is useful as your website needs to grow. Content types allow you to segment content into different areas and break past some of the built-in limits of Rocketspark.

Pricing that works to meet your needs

Rocketspark includes licensing, and as a result, this means you’re locked into a single provider. With WordPress, you can pick any developer you like, and host your website in many different locations. This gives you control over who you work with, and on what terms.

Why WordPress?

If you’ve outgrown Rocketspark, WordPress will open your eyes to a new world of options. As a website designer, we can tailor WordPress to your business needs and ensure WordPress continues to grow with your business. This means you won’t have the expense again of moving platforms since WordPress can be easily updated and evolve to work with your business as it changes.

If you’d like to chat with us about converting your Rocketspark website to WordPress, give us a call. We have moved clients from all kinds of website platforms, successfully. We have been building sites for 20+ years.  Find out if WordPress is the right fit to replace your Rocketspark website.

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