WordPress vs Squarespace

Are you considering WordPress versus Squarespace? It would seem a simple argument for a WordPress developer to simply state how awesome WordPress is as a website development platform, but we’re not that kind of web design company. Our team has been building websites for some 20+ years, and that includes the longest standing member in…

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Take your website from Concrete5 to WordPress

Looking to replace Concrete5 with WordPress?

It may seem like a lot of hassle to change your website builder and move all of your content. But with the right help, it doesn’t have to be complicated. And in the end, it could very well be worth the effort. Perhaps you’re finding Concrete5 a bit clumsy and outdated, but you appreciate the…

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Drupal vs. WordPress – how they compare

Drupal.org on mobile with laptop in the background

Before you even start working on your website structure, content, and design ideas, it’s important to consider which platform is best for you to have it built with and to manage things later. This can be a real challenge, as there’s no shortage of choices.    We know a lot of businesses use Drupal, which is…

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