WordPress Hosting

We are expert WordPress hosts - it’s all we do. Our hosting environment is tuned to deliver WordPress as fast as possible. We have been hosting WordPress for over a decade, so you can be sure we’ve learnt a thing or two over that time.

What do you get with our hosting and maintenance plans?



We back up your site daily. If it ever gets hacked, we have the backups to recover it, quickly!


Hacker insurance

You don’t pay for us to recover and restore your backup - that’s right we take care of everything. If you get hacked, you’ll already be stressed. Let us take away that stress forever!



You’ll find no provider faster than us. We have been designing networks for decades and have a dedicated team of engineers on call should any problems arise.


No storage issues

We size our plans to suit most needs. If you’re on a higher plan, it’s because you need more support and have a bigger website (more files, more functionality), therefore your hosting need scales automatically - no more overage charges!