Why do you need a Google My Business listing?

Having a Google Business Listing helps prospective customers find your business. Google Business listings supposedly do not improve your website rankings, but we have found that it does not hurt, and may even help. In this article, we explore why you need to claim (or create) your Google Business listing.

People are searching for your business

Google is very good at finding people the right results for their search. People are searching for businesses near them, with examples like “plumber near me” or “lawnmowing tauranga”, you can be sure people are looking for services nearby, not partway down the country. If you don’t have a business listing on Google, your business will be much harder to find online.

Experts agree you need to improve and optimise your business listing

When we’ve been talking with expert Google AdWords advertisers, SEO experts, and others we connect with online, they tell us that businesses without a Google Business listing are suffering from big drops in traffic. Even though Google has indicated these listings have minimal impact to search result rankings, what we are all seeing suggests the opposite, they improve them.

Let people rate your business

When people are searching for products or services online, they read reviews. Most people know how to read between the lines for a fake five-star review, and grumpy customers that left poor feedback but didn’t want to have a problem solved, they just wanted to moan. Engaging your customers with feedback means you can have your say and thank your customers for their positive feedback, and address negative feedback. This feedback helps people decide to buy from you.

Google Business listings are great for travellers (both domestic and tourists)

If you’re new to an area and you’re looking for a great restaurant or someone to replace your watch battery, the chance as you’ve pulled out your phone and asked Google for the answer. Many of these results rank well because they’re located where you’re searching from, and Google gets much of this data from business listings in their database. If your customer is searching for you, but you’re not there, you won’t show up.

If you need a little help getting your website ranking better, and need to optimize your business listing, let us know. Not only do we build websites, but our team also has marketing experience and can help you improve your lead generation.

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