Why you need an SSL Certificate

Do you care about the security of your website? If you’re like most businesses, the answer is probably closer to “what?” than “absolutely, let’s do that!”. For most websites, security isn’t really needed. Sites like a brochure website generally don’t have anything to protect, but search engines like Google and browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari also let customers know your site isn’t secure, so it’s a sign that you respect your customers’ privacy.

Do you have an e-commerce website?

If your website sells products or collects details like addresses from customers, then you really need an SSL certificate. This ensures your website shows up as “Secure” and the little padlock on the top-left is showing. This indicates your website is secure, and the data your customers enter is safely transmitted to your server. Some browsers now alert users if they’re submitting a form on your website if the place they’re sending the data isn’t secured!

How does SSL affect my website ranking?

Google and other search engines have indicated security is one of the factors they use to rank your website. Having an SSL certificate on your website ensures you are not penalised in your ranking.

What data do I need to secure?

Any time a user types into your website, it is likely sending data back to the server. Things like searches, adding items to a shopping cart, adding their personal information into your website all are small pieces of information that are sent over the internet to your website. Showing your customer that you care by installed an SSL certificate ensures they trust your website. We all know that customers buy from those websites that are more trusted.

If your website is a little old, your website designer or developer cannot update your SSL certificate, you may need to create a new website. We are always updating our client’s websites to ensure they’re generating more leads and sales for them, and SSL certificate is part of doing that. There is likely a cost from your developer to do this, which is part of maintaining your website, however, they should be able to do this, the answer shouldn’t be a flat-out “no, we cannot do that”.

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